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Name: Springtrap
Gender: male
Orientation: Pansexual (though he has pretty much no sex drive)
Age: Late 40’s-Early 50’s
Species: Cyborg anthro rabbit
Fandom: Five Nights at Freddys AU

Appearance: At six foot six and a little over two hundred pounds, Springtrap sticks out like a pair of broken thumbs. In his golden years when he was known under a different name, he was considerably more curvy with a plump belly and a thick coat of golden-tan fur that sparkled under the lights. But age and abuse (and a few bad habits) has taken its toll. His frame has become lean and his fur has faded to a dingy yellow.

He often allows the beard of fur that growing from his lower jaw to get long and scruffy until Vincent gets on his case to trim it.

His long narrow fingers are tipped with broken, dull and chipped claws and he’s missing half his left ear though Spring can’t recall how it happened.

Personality: Standoffish, quiet, and intensely private and doesn’t trust easily. He is the type to hide away from company instead of seeking it out unless it's that of his human companion.

Currently Vincent is the only human he trusts and even that took months of work.

Clothing: Back at the dinner he used to wear costumes on occasion but for the most part he wore nothing. Now he’s almost always seen in an over sized baggy hoodie with holes cut in the hood for his ears. The hem comes down to about or just past his bone hips depending on the hoodie and largely conceals his lean sometimes too thin frame. He took to wearing them after borrowing one from Vincent’s closet since he was getting cold. Now he wears them partly due to being cold at times and partly due to how insecure he can be about his appearance

Nightmares: Springtrap has horrible and often vivid nightmares that rob him of sleep. He often turns to Vincent for comfort and feels guilty for depriving his companion of sleep. Some days he slips out of bed after a nightmare and hides out on the balcony or garden, always with a lit cigarette hanging out of his mouth.


Springtrap smokes every once in awhile. He can’t get cancer and it doesn’t do him any perceptible harm, that and the nicotine has an oddly calming effect on him. Due to complaints from his closest and currently only friend, he only does it outside. Usually on the balcony with a beer bottle dangling from one hand while he leans on the railing or in the small garden.

Another bad habit he’s picked up over the years is drinking through it takes a surprising amount of alcohol to get him drunk. He dislikes the taste of stronger liquors so he sticks with beer

Spring also communicate in non human mannerisms. Chuffing and purring is used to display pleasure or satisfaction. Growling and snarling to display anger or annoyance.


Name: Vincent
Gender: male
Orientation: Pansexual
Age: 23
Species: Human
Fandom: OC Five Nights at Freddy's

Appearance: Standing at an impressive 5' 3" and weighing in at a whopping 123 lbs, Vincent would hardly be considered to be physically intimidating. He keeps his dark hair cut short, his pale skin burns easily so he is often seen sporting long sleeved shirts or hoodies even on hot days.

Personality: Vincent is usually a quiet type of person and doesn't like large crowds preferring smaller groups of people. Unlike his grouchy companion, he's more willing to trust and open up to people. Like Springtrap, Vincent is lacking in social skills and can be blunt at times

Interests (4):

being an all around grouch, bothering vincent, drinking beer, smoking
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